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Earth day in Italy

Lithuania meeting welcome ceremony

6th TPM Denizli

Earth day Lithuania

ecological  toys(Portugal)

world water day 2019

world forestry day 2019

Project continuity of Education (Italy)

Let’s all recycle(Portugal)

With you and with everyone(Portugal)

day of  feeding

Earth song (Michael Jackson)  interpreting of Polish students

welcome ceremony, Poland

report on the trip to Poland by Rita and Flavia

Presenting the UN world Oceans Day online Portal

workshop of recycling in Poland

environment walk

TPM3 Poland, day 3

TPM in Poland, day 2

TPM in Poland, reception

TPM in Poland day 1

workshop. Composting in the bio school garden

welcome ceremony in Portugal

welcome ceremony

folk dance of children in Portugal

folk dance of class 3 Portugal

folk dance of the Minho

Sistelo, guided visit in TPM2, Portugal

Sistelo, March 2018

young champions of the Earth

run wild: we are one

cleaning and monitoring of the Rio Neiva (Portugal)

Programa Eco- school (Portugal)

video report TPM2 Portugal

visit Europarque Braval (Portugal)

preparing intelligence from recycling materials

recycling activity in English lesson

eco colour made of Spanich(Turkey)

eco game show (Turkey)

Braga, our town

First TPM in Turkey

Welcome ceremony in Turkey

video” no ambito Avaliacao externa” (Portugal)

turismo “centro de Portugal Destino Preferido 2017”