Prepare a sustainable “ Eco-strategic Plan” in schools of EU,which focuses on Eco-activities such as picking up trash, planting trees, organizing a recycling program, reusing products,taking active role in Eco- fun activities with art and handcrafts, joining to different Eco-day celebrations,designing the classes with Eco-tools ,visiting local hobby gardens , e-waste collection , and more.
– Extend Eco-friendly competences by promoting the students’ Ecological knowledge and Environmental practices .
-Encourage the students to develop new projects for ‘the renewable resources’ and ‘ Eco-friendly Technology.
-Discuss about how well we can transfer the Eco-friendly Activities to the students in earlier ages, especially kindergarden,primary school and secondary school student ages.
-Promote the school educator staffs’ professional abilities and expertise and let the target groups take active roles in this Project.(The school staffs,students and parents are main target groups).