About the Project

This project supports the promotion of the Eco-friendly Culture in schools in earlier ages.In this project,the active roles will be given the students who are poor in Eco-friendly Actions.The direct participants will be made aware of with Eco-friendly Certificate.Identity Cards for the extinct animals will be prepared by all partner schools.The Eco-fashion Show in every partner school will be traditionally organized after this project is completed.The educator staff and teachers will be trained by experts in local voluntary and involved intuitions about how to integrate Eco-friendly curricula activities to the classes.Making Handcrafts from recycled activities and e-waste collection will be common in schools.Eco-learning Good Practices and Methods will be updated by this collaborative work.Through this project EFPAS,schools in EU will be able to have an ‘Eco-strategic Plan’ within the next future.This plan will include extra Eco-curricula Actions At schools (PT,PL,TR,LT,IT).