Local Food Festival


16th-21st of December



16th-21st of December has been celebrated as Local Food Festival in Turkey since 1946.This traditional celebration was done on the 21st of December in our school,in frame of EFPAS Project.The participants were students,teachers,Headmasters of the region schools, Reprisentatives of Civil and Govermental Organizations.

During the celebration,the prefering local and national food, but organic food was mainly stressed .School students prepared sketch.Moreover,food dress show was organized by the school students.In the end of festival,adult participants were given Eco-citizenship Attendance,the active participating students were given Green Starts Certificate.And local food was self served.

Every year after 2018, we hope that this Local Food Festival will be celebrated on 16th-21st of December in other partner schools;Lithuania,Poland,Portagual,Italy .